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  • Listening to: Turisas-Battle Metal
  • Reading: War Made Easy
  • Playing: Battlefield 2 Demo
  • Eating: Dog n Suds cheese fries
Sorry for not updating in 2 years. Like I have any admirers. XD But yeah, I've been consistently writing when I'm not playing videogames or playing with the computer...

And I am working on a song and an apocalyptic love poem. Weird, but it'll work you just wait and see. ^_^
w00t! I'm finally done with summer school and I'm playin Mercenaries! woohoo!!!!!!! HAHAHHAH!!!!

Now im off to watch foamy though so bye bye.
I started summer school today and I found my poems when we were cleaning out my room!!! ^.^ I am sooo happy!!! w00t!
I am depressed right now because Ruby the best person ever might die and i don't know if she will or not....And everyone around me is depressed....God why does life have to shit on everyone...

I wrote 2 poems about what im feelin right now...and im gonna put them in here

I found my razorblade today
What's that  I'm sorry I'm deaf now what did you say
I hurt and I feel, to know that I'm still here
Is it death I fear
No, it's apathy I wanna feel happy or sad
I used to be that way, then she went away and I realized what I had...

Then, i was on a roll so i wrote this a few seconds later.

A cold empty feeling in my chest...
Devoid of a heart a soul perhaps this is just a test

Maybe the great ones are teaching me
Maybe telling me something

I need to live everyday like it's my last
And forget my stupid chilish past
*sighs* I am really sad and disappointed... One of my dearest friends is on the brink of suicide and she almost died.... And, this time...I fear I cannot help her at all. She just wants to die. She doesn't want to change her position. You see, it's mostly her parents that hurt her...But she doesn't want to talk to them because she says they will kill her...DAMNIT! Why does life have to be so hard on the best people....

Okay, now someone else, who will also remain anonymous, is also hating life. Why am I in the midst of the suicidals today?!
I am freakin out right now! I can't find my poems! I am pretty sure i had them in a folder, but i took em out so i could show my friend and now i can't find them! :shocked: Curses!!!!

*sighs* and they were like the best ones ever!
Stupid Finals week...I had my first 3 finals today but they were on my favorite subjects and I had my Operation Ivy so it was all good. 8-) But tomorrow is Algebra and my teacher is such a horrible teacher that i barely know any of the things that are on there. And some things that are on the test aren't even things that he has taught us! >=(